Hon Odonga Otto Discharged From Nakasero Hospital After Fistfight With MP Akol

Posted on Jan 31, 2020
By LTAuthor
Aruu County MP, Hon Odonga Otto has been finally discharged from Nakasero Hospital where he was admitted after he was reportedly involved in a fistfight with a fellow MP.
Odonga Otto is alleged to have been given hot punched by Kilak County MP, Hon Anthony Akol following a misconception in the Parliamentary anteroom on Thursday.
According to the reports, Kilak MP approached Odonga Otto and asked him why he was de-campaigning him back in his community.

Odonga is said to have told voters of Lakang in Amuru over the weekend not to return Akol in the Parliament because he had sold the land of Lakang to the government at Ugx 600 million.

However, Akol is said to have questioned Odonga Otto about matter and Odonga admitted for having made the statement to the residents in which the out come of the argument, MP Akol had to give him a hot punched in his face. While in the response of the fight, Otto is said to have grabbed a chair in a bid to hit Akol before they were separated by Gulu Municipal MP, Lyandro Kumakech and Francis Mwijuko.

According to Akol, he just slapped Odonga Otto but didn't punch him as he alleged to media.

Odonga after receiving a hot punched in his face, he was rushed to Nakasero hospital for special treatment.

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