Gulu University Guild President Fires Three Top Cabinet Officials

Posted on Jun 16, 2022
By LTAuthor


The Gulu University Guild President, Lapyem Thomas Awany has fired three top officials of his cabinet for alleged corruption.

They are Brenda Winny Atim, the Vice Guild President, Nelson Balaza, the Guild Prime Minister, and the guild finance minister Allan Erasmus Ongom.

This come after the guild council cabinet of Gulu University on 30th May 2022 issued out a letter accusing Lapyem Thomas Awany of insulting and discrediting of Guild officials of the 20th students guild.

In his June 14th, 2022 letter to the university management and student community, Lapyem revealed that he took the decision to sack the officials in line with Article 32(e), and 32(g) of the Students Guild Constitution 2012, as amended.

According to Lapyem, he found the trio guilty of corruption, insubordination, impersonation, misrepresentation of the guild, and failure to serve the students community among other things he will disclose before the Guild Representative Council-GRC.

He went on to appoint Ruth Mary Muzaki as the Guild Vice President, Haron Otema as the Prime Minister, and Janrose Nyakasiki as the Finance Minister. He also appointed Negri Ongom and Mika Akatuhurira as the Off-Campus Affairs Minister and Gender and Women’s Affairs Minister respectively.

Lapyem says the Guild Representative Council will confirm the appointment in a sitting that shall be organized by the Guild Speaker soon. Brenda Winny Atim, the Gulu University Vice Guild President dismissed confirmed their dismissal but declined to divulge details, saying that they are still consulting their lawyer.


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