I Left PA5 Because I Want My Career Handled By A Team That Will Understand Better What I Need To Achieve As An Artist - Beepee Reveals

Posted on May 03, 2021
By LTAuthor


Former Pine Avenue 5 vocalist, Beepee has revealed that he threw in the towel at the music camp because they have failed to handle his music career as per terms they had agreed.

On Saturday, 1st May 2021, the renowned RnB singer took to Facebook that he has called it an end with Northern Uganda biggest records label for a new chapter.

“Thank you Pine Avenue 5 record label for the love and rendered support, Today I decided to leave for a New chapter, Happy labour day.”

This left the management of Pine Avenue 5 and fans in total shocked seeing Beepee ending his contract without clear reasons.

"I left because I want my career handled by a team that will understand better what I need to achieve as an artist,'' he said.

According to Beepee, he wants to expand his music base but not remaining in the same stage year in, year out and he is also looking forward to doing collaborations with local and international musicians.

He also expressed that he wants to encourage and promote younger artists but being at Pine Avenue 4 wasn't giving him the platform so he had to end his contract in Goodwill.

"I want to expand my base not same target every year. I'm looking at collaborating with different artists, both locally, and internationally. In the past three years I have had to bear with that! I want to encourage and promote younger artists, but being at Pine wouldn't give me that platform. So I had to leave in GOOD WILL.''

On the other side, while speaking to the PA5 manager, Ab Stephen Lexy, he told the tabloid that they are green about Beepee's withdrawal from the label and he has no comment because they never had any problem with him.

"The issue of Beepee for real I have no comment here because we never had any issues and he never had any issues against the label so on Saturday we saw it as a surprise, we never had any arguments with him or any problems with him and he never had any problem with the company but you know as human people do make decisions and up to now he has not yet explained to us he went posted that but on our side as Pine Avenue 5, we have no clue, we are just watching everything as you guys are doing.'' said manager Pine Avenue 5.

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