Tragedy Strikes As Wongang Linas Reportedly Lost His Beloved Mother

Posted on Nov 05, 2023
By LTAuthor


The Signature TV Flims director Otim Oscer popularly known as Wongang Linas has reportedly lost his beloved mother to the cold hand of death on Saturday evening.

The video director and content creator and his family are in the mourning after losing his own mother, Penina Lamunu.

The sad news of his mother's demise was made known to this website by one of his close friends who told us his mother is dead. The reason for her death is still unclear. 

Lina's mother was also the director of one the private schools in Gulu City, mother, grandmother, sister, confidant and friends to many.

Meanwhile, Linas himself hasn't come to say anything about his mother's demise. As this website, we send in our heartfelt condolences, gratitude and prayers to their family through this trying time.

Stay tuned as with keep posted on the other programs concerning the burial arrangements.


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