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Dee Is A 30yr Old Woman With An Empty Brain, I'm 22 But Knows Everything - Avie Stings Dee

Posted on Sep 08, 2021
By LTAuthor


Fast raising songstress Avie Ug seems not to make peace with her manager Bosslady Dee after she claimed stepping aside from pumping cash in her music career.

The war began after Bosslady Dee stressing out that Avie Ug has no capacity to fire her and she stepped aside because of personal issues.

"Avie Ug has no capacity to fire me, I stepped aside. Personal issues shouldn't make me look bad, if I do not want to manage somebody is it a crime,'' Dee explained.

When contacted Avie on the rumours, she pointed out that Bosslady Dee has never been her manager and she will never be and she has never done anything to her.

When asked on why she was posting about Dee being her manager ''All of those things I was posting were all lies, she doesn't have any of that I was just lying for her to have name on the media but then since she feels that she can come and claim something that is not even hers and she doesn't even know anything about music." 

Avie, however, said she knew everything when she was doing it and thought she was helping a friend and sister at the time but after realising she is not willing to risks nothing for her and using her to gain fame, she decided to take her own path and because she told Dee for the first in her life time that she was taking her path it was a shock for her.

Bosslady Dee who is Avie's long time friend knew themselves way back but according to Avie Ug, she started being with Dee when she was still 13 year old and she's a 30 year old who can't even get it right and she is just 22 but knows everything what to do then what is the meaning of being with someone who doesn't know where she is heading of which we don't know how old was Dee by then.

According to Avie Ug, if Dee claims she has been doing everything for her, she should provides the all the receipts for the productions, videos payment, and audio producer that she used and studios.

"My prove is that she has not been doing anything for me and the all media knows it, the all media knows that the videos that I have, am the one who was paying for my outfits, my designs and expenses so I was just trying to give her position on the media she claimed she wanted but then after realising she's not worthy my time I decided to step back but now she is trying to bring drama, unessesary complains and stories that am shocked to hear." Avie concluded.

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