Ykee Benda Asks Eezzy Not To Re-Record Popular Tumbiza Sound Song

Posted on Dec 30, 2020
By LTAuthor


Uganda Musicians Association President, Ykee Benda has urged fellow singer Eezzy not to re-record Tumbiza Sound song unless the Ministry of Health gives him more than Shs30m in respect of art.

He however, refuted and described the decision by the Ministry of Health and Uganda Communication Commission on the popular Tumbiza Sound song as a direct attack to the arts industry.

On Tuesday 29th December 2020, Eric Opoka a.k.a Eezzy met with officials from Uganda Communications Commission and Ministry of Health over his song Tumbiza Sound

The song which became people's favorite in fewer months has been a topic of discussion for the past three weeks after MoH wrote asking UCC to officially ban the song.

The ministry of health claimed that the Tumbiza sound song has lyrics that contradict the SOPs and also create complacency in the public

Ykee believes that it is disrespectful of MoH to the Arts industry who do not understand what it means to create art and it should stop.

“If it doesn’t cost them they won’t appreciate what it means to create art. This disrespect to the art industry has to stop,” Ykee Benda tweeted.

Ykee Benda advises Eezzy against remixing the song unless he is paid over Shs 30 million.

I have just gotten the news that the @MinofHealthUG has asked or ordered Ezzy to re-do the song and share with them to approve the content .
As a president I am so against this and I strongly advise you Ezzy do not dare Re do that song! Unless they pay you more than 30m.

He continued and said if MoH and UCC want to ban the song let them ban it because it is already the biggest song this year.

'If they want, let them ban it...it's too late, it's already the biggest song in December and that won't change! He tweeted.

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