Bosmic Otim: I Distanced BSG Labongo Because He Was Chewing My Sister

Posted on Dec 30, 2020
By LTAuthor


Celebrated musician cum politician Otim William also known as Bosmic Otim revealed that the reason why he has distanced himself from singer BSG Labongo and also no longer in good term with him nowadays is because he was dating his sister.

According to Bosmic Otim, his relatives were very much disappointed in him after realizing that his fellow artist whom he used to treat as a brother was again bedding his younger sister.

''I had a problem with BSG Labongo at the time he used to live with me at my home, if you were really my fellow artist, do you again fall in love with my relative. Labongo this is why you don't see me near you and my family were very disappointed in me after knowing that you were bedding my sister." Bosmic Otim disclose.

Bosmic however, said that this is why he started to distance Labongo because he was so embarrassed with the act of fellow musician he used to provides everything as a brother.

''I started distancing BSG Labongo because I realized that he was dating my sister moreover I used to take care of him at my own house in Kampala,'' Bosmic Otim said 

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