Ugandan Celebrities, Fans Condemn UCC Over The Ban Of EeZzy's Tumbiza Sound

Posted on Dec 21, 2020
By LTAuthor


Ugandan celebrities and their fans have condemned Ministry of Health act of banning fast raising Uganda's star EeZzy's Tumbiza Sound from playing on mass media as a way for the song to be allowed airplay once again.

Several Ugandan celebrities and fans have taken to social media to react to the ban of the singer's song after it was prohibited by Uganda Communication Commission (UCC)

The ban came after the director of Public Health Henry G Mwebesa last week penned down a latter requesting Uganda Communication Commission to ban Tumbiza Sound hits from being played on electronic devices and mass media because it contains information that misleads the public about covid-19.

"To Whom it may concern, stop the Drama, industry yaffe ebonyebonye Kyasa kino.
So of all problems, we have in Uganda is Tumbiza Sound is one of them...mmmm" Spice Diana

Eddy Wizzy ''Talent and creativity is unstoppable. With time they will understand. Just take it easy bruh Eezzy Music ? Giddem more.''

Ykee Benda 'I have seen papers that have a request to ban 'Tumbiza Sound' by a young brother Eezzy. This letter was written two weeks back by MOH to UCC. I'm not sure of how real these papers are but it's true all I can say as a fellow creative & artist, I can understand how Eezzy came up with the song, it's not easy for anyone else to understand how these ideas come and how these songs end up being done,"

Recent Joe Emrold post '' Will you ever come and delete it from my fon, Nyoko. Tumbiza Sound Eezzy Eric among other international and local celebrities who reacted over the act of UCC."

Meanwhile, last week was a worst week for singer EeZzy, he lost his YouTube, Instagram account, and Facebook page to hackers and he is in the struggle to recover back all his social media platforms.

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