Everyoung Ajulu Blasts Politicians Who Keep On Confusing People

Posted on Nov 28, 2020
By LTAdmin


Singer Everyoung Ajulu has blasted politicians who keep on saying cheap talk and confusing voters while campaigning for top positions in the country.

In a detailed post seen by us, the singer said there are some politicians who criticize and talk ill about the government yet in actual sense they are the ones who are doing well off and eating with government officials.

"This cheap politic some of you leaders kept on using to confuse people around your Districts must stop this time, This system of saying this government is very bad, you are driving a Benz this government is very bad, you have a supermarket, you have an Hotel, you have a Club, you  have a pharmacy, you have a School, you have houses in almost every town. Why are you people not fair really? OPPOSITIONS ARE NOT IN UGANDAN all those so called OPPOSITIONS at night are real government officials eating together sharing the money together. LEAVE THAT CHEAP CONFUSING POLITIC TO THOSE WHO ARE CAMPAIGNING FOR PRESIDENCY. Not you who is coming to parliament or coming to be a Mayor, Lc5 etc. The clear reason why Northern Ugandan took long to develop it's because OPPOSITIONS convinced people that they are the only people who can develop their Districts not knowing it's the government to approve a budget for all the Districts. Now how can the government give money to a person who is busy abusing the government day and night? ELECTION IS COMING LET'S ELECT A PRESIDENT OF OUR CHOICE, NEW OR OLD BUT AFTER ELECTION IS DONE LET'S WORK WITH THE GOVERNMENT FOR BETTER TOMORROW." The singer said.

Everyoung Ajulu is known for songs such as such as Goba Kiken, Latela Makwiri, Post Motem, En Aye Ma Mega and many others.

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