Pastor Andrew Jengo Takes Over Late Father's Mega Church. Here's His Wish List

Posted on Nov 02, 2020
By LTAdmin


On Sunday 1st November 2020, hundreds of mourners flocked Revival Center Church in Kawaala to pay their last respect to senior Pastor Augustine Yiga who was announced dead by his ABS TV staffs last week.

Yiga reportedly died after battling a long illness.

In his will, the pastor stated that his second born son Pastor Andrew Jengo should take over his church as senior pastor and any help should be rendered to him.

He also ordered to be buried close to his church so that he can listen to the cry of his followers (sheep).

He also announced that a giant TV screen should be installed near his grave, broadcasting live programs of his ABS TV.

The funeral was attended by senior citizens, political and business officials from all parts of the country.

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