Producer Klint Talks To Us In A 101 Interview, Airs Out His Plans For The Music Industry

Posted on Oct 19, 2020
By LTAdmin


Earlier over the weekend, we had a 101 interview with Producer Klint as he talked to us about his life and plans for the music industry.

LuoTunes: Who's Klint?

Klint: Klint is this young boy who started music production in 2017 after getting done with his studies from Esom School of Music and Power Records. My real name is Rwothomiyo Felix and I grew up from Kiryandongo then there after I went for music and right now, I work with Backup Records Gulu as a music producer.

LuoTunes: You told us that you are currently a music producer at Backup Records Gulu. As far as we are concerned, it is a new studio in Gulu. What are some of the notable projects that you have worked on and currently working on there?

Klint: Am working and I've worked on a lot of projects, for example; Emergency from Laxzy Mover ft DJ Joel which is a riddim track, Rasta Love from Liama, Karama Corona from Sean Simple, Pe Igo Kora from Destiny and there's a very big song for Gulu All-star.

LuoTunes: Previously you worked at X Records and Power Records in Kampala. What made you quit those and get a gig here in the heart of Northern Uganda?

Klint: You know with music, us as producers we are to change things. I didn't leave Power Records and my contract with X Records got expired then I got in contact with Pato Loverboy then I came to Backup. I didn't come here because of my expired contract but I came to add some new touch to our music industry especially in Northern Uganda because am a Luo.

LuoTunes: What should those artist especially the young upcoming ones do in case they want their songs recorded by Klint?

Klint: Hmmm that's a very good question. I like working with both upcoming and established artists. But what I want them to know is that me I like to work with someone who has discipline and who wants his career to go ahead and not singing for just in case. I want someone who has the ability to make it all happen.

LuoTunes: You as someone is a music producer. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 or maybe 10 years?

Klint: 5 years will be too big, with me am saying in the next 2 years, I think with my own talent and abilities of doing work, an going to put a lot of impact in the music industry.

LuoTunes: Your plans for the industry?

Klint: In my side of the music production, am working with my elder brother called Rinex, we are working on some papers for the Northern Uganda music producers to be registered under Audio Producers and Owners' Association of Uganda. So am working hand in hand with my brother to make sure we bring all the producers together and we see how to develop the industry in North.

LuoTunes: Right now we are doing an interview. There's someone probably out there who's reading this and would like to be a music producer like you. Where should that person start from. Any piece for them?

Klint: What I can tell them is that be determined, Don't fear, If you need something, ask and you will be given. Don't pretend knowing yet you don't know, Just go out there and do it.

LuoTunes: In case one would like to reach you out, how do they contact you?

Klint: Yes you can send me and email, that is proklinteyes (@), on Facebook at Pro Klint Ug and contact 256 781087899 & 256 701 628 409 and Backup Records.

LuoTunes: So Klint are you seeing someone.

Klint: Nope.

LuoTunes: So your single?

Klint: (LOL) I can't tell you whether am single or not.

LuoTunes: As we wind up any words?

Klint: My last word is let's always have respect for the industry so that we can take it somewhere else. The more we give the studio respect, the more we shall get close to archiving our dreams. I wish you all well.

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