Bosmic Otim Trashes Gen Otema Awany, Okin PP Ojara Over Fighting His Political Journey. Watch Video

Posted on Aug 21, 2020
By LTAuthor


Musician cum politician Bosmic Otim seems not to be happy with Lt Gen Otema Awany and Okin PP family. Bosmic Otim has trashed Otema Awany and Okin PP who is an opposition leader claiming they are fighting him.

Bosmic says he is not afraid of anything but if Gen Otema Awany and Okin PP who is his incumbent wants to take away his life they should kill him at once so that he rests and forget about his mother, father, and his fallen relatives.

In the video circulating on social media, Bosmic Otim said "Gen Otema Awany am not happy with you, Gen Otema Awany I don't fear death, Awany family, I don't fear death but I fear wounds if you get me running that means am running away from wounds. If you could kill me at once so that I rest and forget about my fallen relatives in our compound in Amida  because some of us left home because we fear seeing graves in our home which discourages us in life.

He continued ''Okin PP the fight that you are fighting me because you are Otema's in law, you went and told your father in law Otema Awany as his son in law that if they don't fight hard to eliminate me from the forthcoming general election then you and their daughter are going to become poor.

Bosmic Otim urged Okin PP if he is not an opposition leader, from today onwards he should start putting on NRM party uniform to prove to the communities.
Watch the video here>>>

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