Musicians Jenneth Priacha, Pamela Peace Donates Relief Items To Gulu District COVID-19 Task Force

Posted on May 22, 2020
By LTAuthor


Northern Uganda based female musicians, Jenneth Prischa and Pamela Peace on Thursday 21st May, teamed up and donated food items to Gulu COVID-19 Task Force to support the needy and disabled in the community during this hard times. Both Jenneth Prischa and Pamela Peace contributed 250kg (25bags each) of maize flour.

The contribution was received by Gulu District RDC Maj Santos Okot Lapolo and District Chairman Hon Ojara Martin Mapenduzi. Maj Santos who is the chairman of Gulu COVID-19 task force commended the two musicians for being a good example to others.

Ojara Martin Mapenduzi said they are so grateful for the food items contributed by the musicians and urged other musicians to follow their footpath and be the heart of giving out.

"We have seen other musicians have turned this coronavirus crisis to their laughing matters on social media of which we are not happy with it'' said Ojara Martin Mapenduzi.

However, Mapenduzi stressed out that they have received the list of musicians who are demanding for food items but they haven't said anything yet but they want to the meet with the leaders of the artists and verify whether they can give to either artists who are doing bad and leaves out the ones who can afford at the trying moment.

While addressing the press at the time of delivering the donation, Jenneth Prischa and Pamela Peace stated that their food should be given to mothers and disable people.

"Why am contributing today to Gulu COVID-19 Task Force is because my fans have been there for me since I broke through in the music industry but haven't done anything back to them just to say thank you, so why don't I also distribute in this trying time to at least say thank you to my fans and these items should be given to our mothers and disable people'' Jenneth Prischa stated.

"I felt so bad when I heard that artists were demanding for relief food from Gulu Task Force, so before that, they brought the names to Task Force before informing the artists, we just saw it on media that artists will be given food then I personally, I decided if my name is there I need it to cancel from the list because I don't need because there are many people who are not even capable of affording a kilogram of posho then why don't I who can afford to give to one who can't afford at this trying times but is not that am very okay but I can afford something for myself,'' Pamela Peace said.

Pamela Peace and Jenneth Prischa have joined songstress Pretty B who was the first musician to contribute to Gulu Covid-19 task force.

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