Lamwo district to host 2024 USSSA regional competetion

Posted on Mar 27, 2024
By LTAuthor


All the districts in the Acholi sub-region have finally selected their schools that will represent them in the 2024 Fresh Dairy Uganda secondary school sport game at the regional competition that will be hosted by Palabek SS in Lamwo district under the theme "improving our environment through games and sports." The regional competition is scheduled for April 7–13.

Okot P' Bitek, the chairperson for the USSSA Acholi sub-region, confirmed the developments, saying head teachers and sports teachers from Acholi shall gather at Atanaga SS in Pader district on April 2 for the fixtures draws.
The compiled list of the qualified schools indicates that Agago district shall be represented by Lira Palwo, Akwang and Adilang SS. while in the girl categories, St. Charles, Adilang, and Akwang SS.

Amuru District will be represented by Pabo SS, Bethels SS and Lacor Seminary. The girls categories are Restore Leadership, St.Mary's Lacor, and Lwani SS.

The qualifiers from Gulu are Bishop Angelo Negri College, Gulu High School, St. Joseph College Layibi, and Sir Samuel Baker SSS, The girl categories include Sacred Heart, Gulu Army, St.John Paul II College, and St. Leo.

The teams from Kitgum district are Kitgum High School, Kitgum Complementary Main, Standard High School, and Layamo Seed, while the girl categories are YY. Okot, Rev. Jebuloni Isoke Memorial College, Standard High School, and St.Daniel Comboni SS. 

Lamwo district, which is the host, will be represented by Paluda SS, Ogili SS, Agoro Seed, and Palabek SS in the categories of Ogili SS, Paluda SS, and Lukung SS.
The qualifiers from Nwoya district are Lungulu seed, Purongo seed, and Koch Goma. while in the girl categories are Alero, Pope VI College Anaka Koch Goma, and Kworo.
Schools from Omoro district are Grace Christian SS, St. Thereza High, St.Thereza of Calcutta, and Koro SS in the girl's categories are Koro SS and Chrysalis. 

Meanwhile, champions from Pader district are Pajule SS, Lagwai SS, and Northern Hope; in the girl's categories, they are Kworo SS, Acholpi SS, and Pajule SS.
In 2023, St. Joseph College Layibi, Patongo SS, and Rackoko Comprehensive represented the Acholi sub-region in the national competition under the boys categories, while Restore Leadership Academy, Rev. Jubuloni Issoke Memorial College, and Sacred Heart SS represented the girls' categories.
2024 fresh diary The Uganda Secondary School Sports Games National Competition will be hosted by Luweero District. 

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