Youth MP Omony Oscar Awany Pledges UGX 1M To Pato Loverboy

Posted on Sep 06, 2023
By LTAuthor


Former Northern Region Youth MP Hon Omony Oscar, the son of Gen Otema Awany has promised to give Pato Loverboy 1million shillings.

Omony who was in attendance expressed that he will call for a meeting with all Acholi leaders and ask them to start supporting the local talents at home when they have their activities.

"I'm Omony, I am very happy to see you, you continue supporting musicians in Acholi. To me as Youth MP, I will support Pato. I will give him 1 million shillings and I am begging leaders in Acholi starting from MPs next time when they call for any sports activities and or music shows for our Acholi artists. I call upon the leaders to come and support our children.Though I have said 1 million shillings, I will talk with other MPs to give support to Pato Loverboy." - He stated while welcoming the audience at his father's home.

Pato Loverboy had a sold out successful music concert that attracted very many stakeholders from the region.

We shall keep you posted whether the money has been handed over to the Gum Lobo hitmaker.


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