I Want To Do A Battle With Any Artist Who Claims To Be Northern Music Champion - Pato Loverboy Roars

Posted on May 03, 2022
By LTAuthor


Northern Uganda dancehall legend Pato Loverboy says he is ready to pay any artiste who comes out to challenge him that he is the best artiste from the region.

Pato Loverboy real name Okello Patrick has strongly called upon all self-proclaimed Northern musicians to come face him on stage while in front of the fans.

He stressed out that he want those artists who claimed to be number one to come out of their comfort zone and battle him out to see who is the king of music in the region.

"I want to do a battle and I want to battle with any artist who is ready. I want the people who say they are number one, I want them to help me and we prove it in front of our fans and am the one going to pay the artist. Am not looking for any promoter, am not begging for anyone to come and sponsor. Any artist who is ready to perform or do a battle with me, name your price and get for you, your money and we go. Battle of the champion is what I'm talking about. You are the champion right come out." -  Pato Loverboy stated in the video. 

He also continued and requested prominent promoter, Juma Jammie to come and fund the battle if can but if he can't, he is ready to fund all the event.

According to Aling Mot hitmaker, he has ever heard some people claiming that they are King of North, King of music and this makes him unhappy at all.

Pato also stated that he's not number one and he doesn't love being number one but he is also not number last because what he dose best is music.

"I'm not number one and I don't like being number one and am not the last but what I does best is music and my music are not abusive otherwise is educative." He concluded.

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