Wan Luo TV's Mc Rajj Coinz Bitterly Dumps Patricia Awazy, Promise To Deal With Him Traditionally After Dumping Her

Posted on Feb 03, 2022
By LTAuthor


It's crocodile tears in the air process by process as renowned Wan Luo TV's Mc Rajj Coinz dumped girlfriend Patricia Awazy Firebase.

The bubbly young and stunning artists promoter Patricia Awazy is in total regret of falling in serious romantic relationship with Mc Rajj Coinz months back as he put an end to their affair.

According to their Whatsapp status, Patricia Awazy has promised to dealt with the presenter traditionally.

"U don't know me n u will Neva, I will deal with u traditionally. Keep on fooling yourself'' Patricia on her status.

"Allow me expose someone after failing her that I can't give her ma heart that is what she decided to send me. Madam Awaizy or whatever you call yourself please know that love is never forced, as I told you, I have someone in ma life and that's it. So go and deal with me traditionally as you say.'' Mc Rajj Coinz reacts to Patricia.

The two have been secretly bonking and enjoying beautiful moments in their relationship which at times sees Mc Rajj Coinz traveling from Kampala to Gulu city to enjoy good times with juicy Awazy.


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