Northern Uganda Musicians' Concerns Grow Over Missing Singer, Baby Dalvin

Posted on Mar 15, 2021
By LTAuthor


Northern Uganda's top musicians have on Monday teamed up to demand for the whereabouts their missing singing colleague Baby Dalvin.

Earlier this week, musicians are planning to carry out peaceful protest while accusing Kilak South Member of Parliament Gilbert Olanya and the CEO of Pine Avenue 5 for being in position whereabouts the missing singer.

These musicians are also appealing to Acholi leaders and the government to help reveal whereabouts one of their missing singer who has gone missing for over 10 years.

Baby Dalvin who is one of the prominent singer and rose to fame in 2015 with his hit single "Kwo Town" disppeared in 2010 following an allegation of selling a house belonging to Pine Avenue 5 CEO, Rich Okot.

However, musicians in the region have been calm and patient for years hoping one day their colleague will surface will and come out standing up. The artists have been using the hashtag we need Baby Dalvin dead or alive.

Lady Zulu who is one of artists who spearheaded the campaign took to Facebook ''please people responsible we want to know where #BabyDalvin is"

Lucky David Wilson also took to Facebook ''Rich Okot the CEO of PA5 & Hon Gilbert Olanya. where is Baby Dalvin we demand for his whereabouts,"

Kiddy Face also posted ''Call For Action, we need Baby Dalvin Back dead or Alive people responsible for his disappearing must notice this with seriousness, we need our comrade back,''

Don Wire Mach ''I stand with safe #Baby Dalvin we need him dead or alive let's stand together,''

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