DJs And Mcs Shall Face Arrest Once Found Entertaining Revelers, PA Systems Shall Also Be Confiscated - Patrick Jimmy Okema Warns

Posted on Dec 23, 2020
By LTAuthor


Aswa River Region police have cautioned party organizers, politicians and those intending to carry out family parties over the festive break to stay clear of the plans noting that the (Mc) Masters of ceremony and the Disc jockey (DJs) at such functions shall be arrested together with their music system.

According to Jimmy Patrick Okema, the Aswa River region police spokesperson any DJ that shall be found trying to entertain revelers of more than one family shall be arrested and their gadgets and their music system will be confiscated.

Okema, however, sounded a strong warning to politicians in the region with emphasis on those from Gulu district in the area of Awach and Patiko against holding bonfire adding that they too shall be arrested since such gathering has often been used to halt vulgar languages that are demeaning to other persons.

Police have also advised residents to shun politicians using vulgar language during campaign language against attending bonfire meetings late into the night since curfew is still in place.

"Within this festive period also we advised members to public from up to moving out and preparing parties, you have a party in your home, not this thing of calling people from another family to yours, this thing of joined treating like it used to be shouldn't be encouraged all this line to avoidance of spread to Covid-19 as per day regulations.'' Patrick Jimmy Okema stated while addressing media.

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