Heartbroken Eezzy Speaks About Fake Twitter Handle And Hacked Facebook Page

Posted on Dec 22, 2020
By LTAuthor


The year 2020 will be a year to be remembered by Uganda's fast raising artist Opoka Eric also known as Eezzy, for a couple of days, an unknown individual has been emulating trending singer Eezzy on Twitter and he has cleared the air on which his official handle is and how his Facebook page was hacked.

It should be noted that Eezzy is not the first celebrity to become a victim of scammers, several local and international celebrities have so far fallen victims to scammers who impersonate them on social media

Some of these scammers go on to con money off the naive followers who are willing to do anything for their celebrities.

That is why most public figures have invested in getting verified on different social media platforms to differentiate their official pages from the fake ones.

The handler has been cleverly sharing content about the singer while acting to be himself for a couple of days now.

"Hey fam, still about the fake accounts on twitter. Here is an official statement from my self check it and please help share to create awareness thanx.' He tweets.

The Tumbiza Sound hitmaker also, through a video, confirmed that his official Twitter is @EezzyMusik and he called his followers to ignore the fake one under @EezzyMuzik.

“So many fakers mostly on Twitter. My people on Twitter, my only Twitter account is @EezzyMusik ‘m.u.s.i.k’. The thing you should look out for is the time I joined Twitter. I joined Twitter in June 2019,” Eezzy noted.

Eezzy also revealed how his Facebook page was hacked by unknown people and alerted people not to fall victim of the scammers handling it.

He has since opened a new Facebook page in the names Eezzy Music Africa and requests his fans to follow him there.

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