NRM Yellow Musicians Set To Release President Museveni's Campaign Song 'Ekigoma' Today

Posted on Nov 02, 2020
By LTAuthor


The National Resistance Movement will release a new song that will be the headliner for Museveni’s sixth presidential campaigns.

According to sources, the song is dubbed ekigoma and will feature local dancers as well as youth trendy dancers behind a fast beat.

The song has already been recorded and a video shot, only awaiting premiering.

Information indicates that the song, in Luganda, will be on different airwaves, while performers (of the song) will be live in several parts of Kampala today.

President Museveni who will be nominated at 10:00 am at Kyambogo grounds has used a different song for each of his last three campaigns.

In 2011, he used his own rap song- you want another rap, while in 2016, he hired the services of several artistes to belt out the Tubonga Nawe song.

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