Finally! Destiny Breaks Silence On Why She Dumped Baby Daddy

Posted on Jan 14, 2020
By LTAdmin


Songstress Anena Getrude alias Destiny has finally broken silence on why she is no longer staying together with baby daddy, Great Stevens.

Kodi Otin Lok hitmaker claims her baby daddy who built her musically was emotionally torturing her ever since her co came in their relationship. Meanwhile, Great Stevens is already moving on Destiny co only known as Brenda whom he started dating when Destiny was still with him.

'Stevens and I started lives from scratch in the process where we even had a kid but then it reaches in the middle I really don't know what happened up to now, I still question myself what I did wrong to Stevens. He ended up into a new relationship of which he tells me that he just got stuck into the relationship, at first, I asked him to choose between me the baby mama and new love who to stay with but it reached a point he couldn't choose so I had to sit back and watch him. I thought things would change, I thought he would let those things go but he just kept on so it reached a point me and Stevens couldn't plan for our family and we always had to bring in the third party of which it was squeezing us a lot so I had to leave him with his new love" Destiny narrated.

During an interview with LuoTunes.Com, Destiny said she didn't agree with her baby daddy for bringing in a new wife but he forced it of which it reached a point where she couldn't handle the situation anymore because things were not for both her and her daughter until she decided to call it an end before it gets worse for her.

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