Singer Mr Dee Fires Fellows PY From Tuff Beat Records Label Over Wickedness

Posted on Apr 04, 2020
By LTAuthor


Tuff Beat Records boss and singer Mr Dee has fired his long time comrade singer PY from his team after becoming a poisonous snake to him.

PY is a Lango based musician who is said to be wicked and fighting numerous successful artists of Lango region at large.

According to Mr Dee, he sick and tired of singer PY and doesn't want to see the immoral PY any closer to him, he is bringing a lot of chaos among Lango artists.

"I don't want to see PY any closer to me, he is bringing a lot of chaos among Lango artists, he even tried to break up my marriage sometime back because he used to feed my wife with false news about me, so mine and has ended here," he said

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