Bosmic Otim's Car Has Not Been Confiscated, He Has It - Bosmic's Manager Responds To Haters

Posted on Feb 03, 2021
By LTAuthor


Legendary musician Bosmic Otim's manager Gavin Lapoti has rubbished all rumors claiming that Bosmic's car that was gifted to him by H.E President Museveni was confiscated after he lost the parliamentary elections to Okin PP.

Gavin Lapoti says Bosmic Otim given car has not been Confiscated from him and it will not be confiscated.

The rumors recently had it that Bosmic Otim is admitted in the hospital while suffering a strange illness that is eating him up.

The news spread all over social media like a wildfire and got most of the singer’s fans and followers worried.

According to Gavin Lapoti, all these are baseless rumors about Bosmic Otim being sick and admitted in the hospital.

The manager expressed his disappointment to those spreading false news to fans about his musician.

"Actually, to tell the truth, I actually don't know where people are getting all these rumors in regard Bosmic car has been Confiscated, Bosmic being sick, Bosmic is well, Bosmic car has not been Confiscated and never will it be confiscated am confirming this as his manager Gavin Lapoti so we actually anything, any rumors that you hear that Bosmic is sick, Bosmic's car has not been confiscated. These are baseless rumors if there is anything, we shall always communicate officially, we shall have an official communication that I will always channel but for now all these things are lies. So Bosmic fans and well-wishers who love Nile Republic Music Crew, please there is no need to calls for an alarm, Bosmic is Okay. Thanks.," he stated.

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