Bennie K And His Management In Total Shock After A Video Leak

Posted on May 20, 2020
By LTAdmin
The News reaching our desk indicates that Pow Erickz Management of PEM Label is in total shock a midst of watching a music video for it's song "Ini Kendi" means "Only you" done by Bennie K , an Artist signed under the Label on YouTube streaming channel without the official release. 
The Ini Kendi video was leaked through a YouTube channel owned by Dj Timothy who uploaded the it on MAY 13TH 2020 On his Channel. 
According to Pow Erickz, the PEM manager, He said, "He earlier Last month received News from his Ground Team about the the video but he kept quiet since his major plan was to Unveil the video in June. 
He Also added that his team had not yet cleared the balance for the video to come out and the Directors were making changes on it…but they were both in shock to find a YouTube link for video. 
Pow Erickz Management on Landing on the Link spontaneously requested for a takedown to YouTube to bring down the video from Dj Timothy’s channel.
It is still unclear on how Dj Timothy got the video but the video was Shot and Directed by Premiere Filmz under Markbul & Manshy. We are yet to find out how it got to this Level.

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