VIDEO: Singer Lil Roy shocks fans as he reveals his real age, I made my 42 year old - Lil Roy brags

Posted on Jun 04, 2024
By LTAuthor


Northern Uganda music legend with the look of a 20 year old boy, Charles Roy Pimungu alias Lil Roy over the weekend shocked fans who turned up to watch the Brousian Dortmond and Real Madrid champion league finals.

Despite looking like a 20 something year old boy, Lil Roy has actually turned 42. The 2020 hitmaker confidently confirmed this saying that he has learnt quite a number of things over the years and is not ashamed of the person he has become.

The singer made the comment while entertaining football fans and revellers at Da Covenant Gulu on Saturday, 1st June 2024 that he has made 42 already. 

This left fans open-mouthed with his age-defying looks and surprised by his age after he stated he previously celebrated his 42 years. He said he was born in February 1982.

He was not ashamed to talk about his age like most musicians. In fact he counts this as a blessing and while other musicians insist on keeping their real age on the low he recently disclosed his real age.

The Peko Pa Acholi singer also bragged about his looks saying that he even looked younger than some of the young generation behind him and he kept glowing each and every day.

As he was speaking, the self-proclaimed lecturer was totally too drunk and he kept on repeating the same word "I made 42 years now". 

"I made my 42 year old. I made it only two months ago. I have very many people that I'm older than here that I'm even still looking younger than. I have never developed any beards and just keep glowing even since.'' 

Watch the full video here by tapping on the link>


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