VIDEO: This time the Fufa Drum trophy must come to Acholi - Hon Gilbert Olanya

Posted on May 31, 2024
By LTAuthor


Kilak South member of parliament Hon Gilbert Olanya has come out and stated that this time around he wants the 5th Fufa Drum trophy to return to Acholi.

Speaking during the Mr Northern Uganda Open bodybuilding, Powerlifting and Arm wrestling championship at Bomah Hotel Gulu as chief guest, Hon Gilbert Olanya clearly stated that the trophy should not be allowed to cross the Karuma bridge again.

However insist that the trophy must remain within the Northern region and keep rotating between Acholi, Lango and West Nile. 

He further stressed out that this time around the trophy must come back to Acholi sub region.

It should be noted that Acholi Province were the first to  lift the trophy then followed by West Nile Province and now Lango Province are reigning champions. 

''This time the trophy must come in Acholi. I'm happy that the trophy is just rotating within. This time my brother Ivan, we need to plan very well. We get people who are technical. People with the ability to support themselves not people who will be occupying the busses with players and fighting for money with them like the previous year.''

He however called on Acholi leaders to support, encourage and contribute towards the success of the young generation in sporting activities they are excelling in. 

"I pledge support to our youth to continue with this game. I will be grateful to contribute towards the equipment of those people who will be going ahead. It's very important for us leaders to support, encourage and really contribute towards the success of our younger generation." - He stated.

Watch the full video here>>>


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