I have no hate towards Eddy Wizzy but his latest song 'What's Your Problem' was directed to me - Pato Loverboy opens up

Posted on May 27, 2024
By LTAuthor


One Step Music boss, Okello Patrick famously known as Pato Loverboy has made it clear that he has no hate towards Eddy Wizzy saying the lyrics in his latest song "What's Your Problem directly attack him.

Pato Loverboy and Eddy Wizzy have developed an unlikely bond musically earlier this year over who is the biggest gem in the music industry. 

It started after Eddy Wizzy was not pleased with the accolade he was awarded for his hard work last year 2023 at the Northern Uganda Music Awards (NUMA). And since Pato Loverboy has been requesting Eddy Wizzy for a musical battle to prove who is the biggest artist but the Atye Steady singer has not yet accepted the battle.

In the recent interview with Mega FM's favorite show "Making a star" Pato Loverboy said they don't have any problems.

According to Wek Wii Opoo singer, without any wrangles between him and comrade Eddy, they are ready for anything because he is very honest the song was directed to him.

"Without any wrangles between me and my brother Eddy Wizzy, I am ready for anything because I have to be very honest there is a song released by Eddy Wizzy which I have listened to stating ''what's your problem'' and was directed to me. Am being very honest, I don't have any problem. I'm a very talented, gifted and respectful musician."

When asked to bring him together with Eddy Wizzy in the same studio to talk about the battle, Pato Loverboy stated ''I have no problem but see no reason for seating together because I know we are all fighting to be number one.'' 

He however expressed that he knows people outside think that they are enemies but he has no hate but that is reality and of course musically becomes hatred.

"One thing I want you to know, outside there people think we are enemies. I have no hate but that is reality and of course musically it becomes hatred.''

He added that they are waiting for the right time without any string attached to handover the crown where it belongs musically.

"What people want must be proved that is being honest.
They should accept everyone to come and prove his number because I know my number but I want to first put somebody where he deserves to be also. So we are going to wait for that right time without any string attached but musically and this is the right time somebody should accept to handover the crown where it belongs.


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