Northern Ugandan journalists enjoy scenic Murchison Falls sight

Posted on May 22, 2024
By LTAuthor


Earth Journalism Network treated members of the Northern Uganda Media Club (NUMEC) to an adventurous expedition to Murchison Falls National Park on May 17. The team of journalists joined a celebration to mark the 5th anniversary celebration in East Africa.

Notable attendees included Willy Chowoo, a seasoned reporter from Gulu, Milton Akwam, a photojournalist from Lira; Benon Oluka, the Investigative Editor, East Africa, Charles Akena, the Administrator at the Northern Uganda Media Club, among others.

The journey to Murchison Falls was more than a treat-it was a validation of their hard work. As the journalists explored the park, they witnessed elephants bathing in the river, giraffes grazing under the acacias, a lion resting under the leafy shades, and the thunderous roar of the falls. But beyond the wildlife, they found inspiration in each other.

Mr. Kiundu Waweru, the EJN Project Manager, heaps praise on Northern Uganda's journalists for having a unique perspective on their tenacity.

“Their stories resonate with authenticity, and their commitment to environmental reporting is commendable. They seem so vibrant, motivated, and hungry.” he praised. 

Pat Robert Larubi, the digital marketing manager at Vilakazi Safaris, who hosted the guest, revealed that, the camp is a home away from home for those who want to undertake special; occasions, including retreats, workshops, and engagements with excursions in the wild. 

He is keen to edge on the safety of their guests, given the fact that some animals get time off the part to walk in the area, including the Giant African Elephant. "Indeed, the elephant came through at about when the journalist where having a fire chat, and everything nearly came to a stand still and the same scene re-occurred in the morning before we embarked on a game drive and walk to the top of the falls for those hilarious and heart warming sights.


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