The Acholi in Diaspora are like a pair of buttocks - Pat Larry King blasts

Posted on May 16, 2024
By LTAuthor


Uganda's prominent investigative journalist Pat Robert Larubi alias Pat Larry King has criticized the Acholi in diaspora, describing them as a pair of buttocks.

Based on the recent claim of rendering support to musician Bosmic Otim who is now appointed as the presidential advisor on wealth creation while in self imposed exile.

According to Pat Larubi, most of the Acholi in the diaspora are there to shed their frustration taken from the old regime to the young prospective generation.

He however stated that most of them are rapists, murderers and killers during the Idi Amin and Tito Okello's regime who are there waiting to die and only be brought back home in the cargo plane.

Below read his statement:

The Acholi in Diaspora are like a pair of Buttocks. Most of them are just there to shed their frustration taken from the old regime to the younger prospective generation. The rapist, Murderers and killers during Amind, Tito Okello's regime are all back there waiting to die only to be brought back in the cargo plane. They wish all people were like them and that is what makes most of them look stupid.

It's hilariously easy but also strong to imagine playing with someone who has 1% brain capacity.
With past history of robbery, theft, murder and rape of our mothers and sisters back home here, quite a number of them dashed into exile.

They had left a mark on all the Acholi people categorized as the craziest killers and murderers and looters;indeed, some of them looted without mercy and this character has long been with them.

With wealth amassed out of blood glint, the majority cannot set foot back home because they carry the burden of guilt for the aforementioned vices.

Years later, they have carried the guilt and hate every slight node on a government like that of Museveni and assume they can take it for a ride but I can say it will not be possible.

The regime is fundamental in their old, rugged shelves for lack of a better word, are locked up in one space like a pair of buttocks but just to woodwind prospective youth with ego-centric minds to follow their suites but In modern-day Uganda, that is a fallacy.

To fund a purportedly set Nile republic, more of a distant dream caged in an ostrich head. Just like dreams, it would end in dreams.

For some who gave out support in favour of a would-be rebellion, I would say they are the serpents who never wanted home land Acoli to have peace, and so to say regrets is the most dumbfounded news to listen to or even read because the master mind of grudge could have been down played. Peko Pa Acholi aye Acholi. It's not Bosmic but those who warped him into a protracted act of mud slander who will forever be the FOOLS.


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