Pat Larry King breaks silence amidst his breakup rumors with singer Jenneth Prischa

Posted on Nov 24, 2023
By LTAuthor


In the recent months, the singer has battled rumours after rumors that her relationship to prominent Northern Ugandan based journalist Pat Larry King is on the rock.

Her husband has finally responded to reports circulating on social media about their alleged break up debate.

Pat Larry King and Jenneth Prischa have been together since 2016 and they are blessed with a beautiful daughter.

However claims that the relationship had hit a dead  end kept on circulating on social spaces but yesterday on his page Pat set the record clear taking a hard knock to rubbish the claim saying.

#LoveMatters I Its a family
While it is true that I and Jenneth Prischa JP are a couple with a beautiful daughter, Liz.

For some time now, rumors have been spreading about the two of us having hosted a private and secret wedding. Nothing of the kind happened. If it is bound to happen, we will alert families, friends and well-wishers to show up on D-Day.

Unsolicited opinions will trickle in day and night, but I am open to saying that, as a family, we will not be shoved off by public talks. It's within our power to decide when the right time is to officially legalize our relationship and stay.

Just know that we are a very strong family with interchangeable interests standing side by side. Love, trust and hard work have kept us together for close to 9 years. It all happened because the woman in question exhibited the true character of a woman—respectful, humble, knowledgeable, humble and above all, goal-driven.

While the people around us seem to know more about us than we truly know or understand ourselves, It is their problem.

It is inevitable to drive away public opinion about a public figure, but it is also candid to note that this family has come a long way to where it is now. 

When you talk to me or my wife about any of us, you are the fool in this game because, at our peak moments, we poke holes in those baseless conversations so the devil is left bare. Use your head well!!

Needless to say, I have always stood for the value and virtues of a family without any broken or wild women around me, regardless of the pre-condition.

It is laughable how people with money, a good education and fair tales of life think they can overestimate people's needs and interests, but all these are facilitators of life.

While all these are exhausted, including your money and old age, stepping in those cool stuff and friends will not be there, but your FAMILY will. I cherish my family because the true definition of happiness is in a family, not withstanding the love nurtured around my first family - Me - My Kids - My wife.


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