OWC donates irrigation scheme worth over 100 million to Acholi chiefs

Posted on Nov 23, 2023
By LTAuthor


Operation Wealth Creation has donated to all the 57 chiefdoms in Acholi the irrigation scheme worth 106 million shillings.

The donation came following the concept note which was presented to OWC, lobbying to support the chiefs with the irrigation scheme to help them practice growing high-valued crops to elevate their economic status.

Each chiefdom was yesterday given an irrigation scheme consisting of a solar panel of 200 watts, a water pipe of 100 meters, and a motor for pumping water.

The donations were handed over to the chiefs (Rwodi)who were accompanied by their spouses at Ker Kwaro Acholi headquarters at Wigot in Kanayagoga, Bardege-Layibi division in Gulu City by Acholi paramount chief Rwot Onen David Acana II.

The irrigation scheme is to help chiefs together with their subjects practice growing high-value crops such as tomatoes, green, and cabbages during the dry season.

Rwot Acana while handing over these donations to chiefs reveals to royalties that the irrigation scheme is part of his initiative aimed at elevating the economic status of the chiefs whom he says are hardly struggling to fend for their family.

Acana however advises the chiefs who received the donations to be exemplary and make their home the model home and serve as a demonstration plot.

Rwot Oywak, Joseph Ywakamoi, the chief of Koyo Chiefdom is hopeful that during the dry season, he is going to plan green in his vast land surrounded by a small stream.

Vincent Olango, an elder from Ker Kwaro Paicho says their chiefdom is going to seek technical advice from their secretary for agriculture to direct on how best the chiefdom and its subjects can utilize these precious donations.

Geoffrey Mugume, a program manager at Mercy-corps in charge of the clean energy unit under the project dubbed, Powering uptake of the climate change mitigation- Pump reveals that Rwodi has been taken as a pioneer lot for this three-year project.

Mugume added that during the implantation of the project, the chiefs will be supervised by agricultural extension workers to monitor whatever horticultural activities they are doing and guided accordingly

Vincent Sseremba, the president and co-founder of Tulima Solar Company who delivered the irrigation scheme to Ker Kwaro Acholi discloses that the irrigation scheme they delivered has the capacity to pump up to 9,000 liters of water in a day, a capacity he says can sprinkle up to 2 acres-garden on a daily basis.


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