If You Can't Support Me, Then Pay Me To Promote Your Music - Irene Ayaa Tells Followers

Posted on Sep 18, 2023
By LTAuthor


Ireland based renowned social media influencer Irene Ayaa has openly confessed to fans who don't support her work but want her to promote their music for free.

According to Ayaa, those who don't support her work whether by liking or sharing must start paying her if they want her to push their music that she doesn't like.

She stated this after numbers of musicians are running after her into her inbox requesting her to start promoting their music that she stated clearly that she doesn't like it.

"When you don't support my work at all on social media but you still want me to promote your song that I don't even like it, I'll charge you. If you are not supporting me by liking and sharing my work then where do you expect me to get support from but most importantly why should I you for free? We all need support, if you can't support me, then pay me to promote your music." - she posted.


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