Judiciary Fraternity Blames Lacor Hospital Over The Death Of Their Colleague's Kilama Stephen Ojara

Posted on Jun 21, 2022
By LTAuthor


Judiciary and legal fraternity in Northern Uganda have blamed St Mary's hospital Lacor over the death of their late colleague, Kilama Stephen Ojara who passed away on Sunday 12th June, 2022 following the road accident.

While speaking at the funeral of the late Kilama Stephen, Mr Ntalo Nasur, the deputy registrar of Gulu high court says that negligence from the Lacor hospital played a role in Stephen's untimely death.

According to him, there was a lot of delay in the treatment of the movie actor, workmate and he would have survived if they were to respond to him very fast.

"Our person when to Lacor hospital but we were not happy, we must say that. When our person arrived after referral it took us up to about 4 hours when he has not been worked upon. We were not happy until when I got a phone of the MS and I called and said do you want us to get the same problem like how we got problem from our grade 1 magistrate of Lawmo who died. It's when they responded and brought some people to work on him.'' he narrated.

"Lacor hospital should change its methods. We were not happy. People on duty should be supervised we know any person can die but show that you have helped because God has given you that you should help a person who is in bad condition" He continued.

Meanwhile, he applauded Pader Health for handling the late Stephen's health matter very well after he gave them a phone call to to refer him to Lacor hospital.

At the time of his death, Kilama Stephen Ojara was promoted to the level of High Court Clerk.

Mr Ntalo Nasur also asked Lacor Hospital management that whenever a patient doesn't have any body with him or her the hospital shouldn't work upon the person.

"So when you don't have a person, will you not be worked upon". He questioned Lacor hospital.

He explained that the deceased had worked for 9 years in the judiciary and he was very intelligent, hardworking and a person who loves his work.


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