I Don't Play Our Local Musicians Music Nowadays Because They Are So Disrespectful - DJ Q Speaks Out

Posted on Apr 06, 2021
By LTAuthor


DJ Q has finally opened up on why he doesn't play the local musician's music occasionally whenever he is behind the machine entertaining revellers.

According to DJ Q who is also the founder of 256 deejay crew in Gulu, the local musicians are so disrespectful to the extent that they can't even greet you.

"Nowadays, I don't play our local musicians songs because they are so disrespectful and they value our work for them," said DJ Q.

He, however, underlined that these musicians whenever they find them at their workplaces they just bypass them like they are their enemies.

It is not the first time complains about our local musicians being so disrespectful to deejays for not valuing their work towards their musical careers. 

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