A 32years Old Man Arrested For Selling Own Daughter To A Witch Doctor For Ritual Sacrifice

Posted on Jan 24, 2020
By LTAdmin


Police in Kamuli has captured Anthony Ssebukeera, a 32-year-old for selling his 3-year-old daughter for a ritual sacrifice.

It is said Mr Ssebukeera handed over his daughter to be sacrificed by 45-year-old Abdu Kitaabona in exchange for only Shs300,000.

According to Police, Ssebukeera tricked his wife Olivia Naibira that he was taking the daughter to visit her grandparents. On return, he only came back with a new phone.

However, Naibira who is the mother to girl decided to rush to Police in an effort to force her husband to bring back their daughter. Ssebukeera was called to Police and interrogated. Shockingly, he revealed how he had sold the daughter to a witch-doctor.

Police went ahead to arrest Kitaabona, a resident of Mpunde village in Buyende district. Kitaabona confessed to having already sacrificed the child.

Mr Kitaabona and Ssebukeera are still under Buyende Police detention as Police make further investigations. The two will be charged for murder.


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