The Celeb Spot Lira Co-Host Mc Daggy Da Blackman Escapes The Claws Of Death

Posted on Sep 15, 2020
By LTAuthor


Mc Daggy Da Blackman of Celeb Spot Lira escaped death on Sunday 6th, 2020 after he was attacked by a group of unknown gangs totaling to 11-13 who wanted to destroy his life.

Mc Daggy says he got an attack at around 8 p.m. behind Erisa bar in junior quarter as he was heading to his home after a long night at a friend's house.

According to Mc Daggy, he managed to exchange some punches with the boys for a moment but since they were many, he couldn't manage to defeat them so he decided to take off by running to defend himself but unfortunately, he felt in a deep septic tank that was under construction.

"It was 6th  Sunday evening at 8 Pm behind Erisa bar in junior quarters when I was attacked by groups of gangs totaling to 11_13 in numbers, we exchanged some blows with for a moment but since they were many I couldn't manage to fight all of them I decided to take off by running to defend my self but unfortunately I felt in deep septic tanks that were under construction," he said.

He, however, said he was saved by the owner of the septic tank who heard him trying to find his way out of the septic tank pulled him out and he was rushed for the first aids at a clinic called gift life clinic in Lira city and he was later taken back to his home in Junior Quarter where he is being attended to by professional clinicians but he is getting some improvement though there is still much pain.

Mc Daggy Da Blackman is currently nursing serious injuries from his home in Junior Quarter in Lira City after the bad boys hitting and kicking him into the septic tank.

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