Legendary Tempra Omona Urged Uganda's Media Houses To Build Ugandan Music Industry Not Just Buganda Music Industry

Posted on Feb 19, 2020
By LTAuthor


Legendary singer Tempra Omona has urged Ugandan media houses to learn how to build the entire Ugandan music industry instead of building only Buganda music industry.

This comes after Northern Uganda musicians boycotting Capital Fm National Tour 2020 on seeing a list of performers released for concert had only two artists from Northern and the rest were central artists which didn't make them happy with Capital Fm tour organizers for neglecting out top home artists and to make it worst the event is happening from Pece Stadium.

According to Tempra Omona, even other categories providers like mcs, chairs hire, cleanup crew etc have been locked off the gigs too.

Unhappy Tempra Omona took to his Facebook "am sure all other categories of service providers have been locked off too, Mcs, chairs hire, cleanup crew etc etc..not even the advert was done by our own who speaks well, it ended up a disaster. To thecentralall Artists we are doing what u always do fighting for our growth, remember you (we) have always complained about the dominance of Nigerian/Jamaican even on airplay? u understand how it feels...this is about those agenda corporate companies and their selective empowerment. Does Uganda remember we complain abt Indian companies In Ug only employing their own? Now relate...the media let's built Ugandan music industry, not just #Buganda_Music_Industry. Look at how many accolades the sports fraternity has got from #other Ugandans and imagine how many the music industry could. Let's not blame the chosen artists it's their payday..let's look at the selecting authority.''

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