President M7 Extends Lockdown By 14 Days, Allows A Few Businesses To Operate

Posted on May 05, 2020
By LTAdmin


In his latest state of the nation address on 4th May 2020 on updates regarding Corona Virus (COVID-19), President Museveni assured ugandans that he has extended the lockdown to 14 days. This implies with all the previous restrictions imposed that are set to be carried forward for the next 14 days.

In his address, the president stated that the lockdown was for us to understand the problem of COVID-19 better but also prepare better. He further said the real solution for the virus is immunization and treatment which are being worked on. However, what is available now is prevention by avoiding infection and the treatment that is being given in the specialised hospitals provided the numbers are not too many.

He further noted that Uganda's survival core strategy is around agriculture, factories, construction, food markets and shops; cargo transport and essential services and we should start with measures that consolidate these. 

Here are the measures that were put forth;

1. Food markets will continue operating.

2. Whole sellers will open for business and as such observe social distancing rules.

3. Hardware shops are to open.

4. Mechanics are to open to maintain and service permitted vehicles.

5. Metal and wood workshops are to open.

6. Insurance providers to open.

7. The Uganda Law Society will be allowed a quota of 30 lawyers at any one time to provide urgent legal services to different businesses and to handle urgent criminal matters like arraignment.

8. Restaurants will only be allowed to provide takeaways.

9. Warehouses are vital for the storing of factory products so they will be allowed to operate.

Despite all, either public or private cars are not yet allowed to operate. Therefore modes of transport for people going to work should be as follows:

(I) Buses (either owned or hired by the employer)

(ii) Cycling to the workplace.

(iii) Walking to the workplace.

As we all get through this, do not go in public when you are sneezing or coughing, do not be less than four (4) meters from one another, do not shake hands or hug, including the knocking of elbows, wash hands often, do not touch with unwashed hands your eyes, nose or mouth, regular sanitize surfaces that are used by many people, put on masks when you are away from your home and when you are in public.


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