VIDEO: Mystery surrounding missing singer Baby Dalvin deepens amidst Hon Gilbert Olanya threats to Bosmic Otim

Posted on May 10, 2024
By LTAuthor


The disappearance of Northern Uganda's prominent musician Baby Dalvin Ocaya who was arrested in 2010 and has gone missing has taken a darker twist as speculations emerge about his fate.

Baby Dalvin, one of the prominent Acholi singers who rose to fame in 2005 with his hit song Kwo Town and was once a member of renowned record label Pine Avenue 5 disappeared in the early 2010 following a saga with Hon Gilbert Olanya involving a house in Pece division where he was allegedly living and has since not been seen or heard.

It's said that Hon Gilbert Olanya bought the house from Baby Dalvin not knowing that the house belongs to Pine Avenue 5 record label boss Rich Okot.

Bosmic Otim initially brought attention to Baby Dalvin's arrest, sparking demands for information about his whereabouts after Hon Gilbert Olanya threatened to deal with him which didn't go well with him and boldly told him nothing should happen again in the same way as that of his colleague Baby Dalvin.

The situation has ignited concerns and accusations from the celebrated musical icon, questioning the political leader's transparency.

The Lok Ming Ming hitmaker accused Hon Gilbert Olanya of Kilak South for being behind the disappearance of singer Baby Dalvin after having a serious misunderstanding with him over the house he bought from him.

"The only person who can disclose where Baby Dalvin is, is only Gilbert Olanya of Kilak South at the time when you arrested Baby Dalvin, you disappeared with him up to date. Baby Dalvin is not there.".

He went ahead to call upon his fellow musicians for a sit down in order for the search of the missing singer because his prediction says that Gilbert Olanya is the person who knows where the singer is.

"Musicians let's sit down, our fellow musician has disappeared and my prediction is that maybe Hon Olanya has arrested Dalvin and imprisoned him in Luzira or taken him somewhere and hid his file because once you are arrested and your file is hidden you will never be tracked down.",  ''Gilbert Olanya should disclose where Dalvin is because his style that he has started on me Hon Bosmic Otim is similar to that of Baby Dalvin.''

He said that he is not accusing Hon Gilbert that he has killed or sacrificed him "I don't say that you Olanya killed or sacrificed Baby Dalvin somewhere but he disappeared following your misunderstanding with him after he sold you the house belonging to Pine Avenue 5 CEO Rich Okot that of Pece."

He continued, ''Rich Okot who is in London gave the house to Baby Dalvin to live in but you came to him and bought it and when Rich Okot went to court and claimed back his house you definitely went and arrested Baby Dalvin and disappeared with him up to now know body knows his whereabouts.'' ''And the same thing that Olanya did to Dalvin he also wants to implicate on me so that I'm eaten by the hyenas.'' "If he is dead, you go and bring for us his body so that we give him a decent send off."

Bosmic however asked Hon Gilbert Olanya to bring back the singer's remains if at all is dead so that he is given a decent send off by the family members and relatives.

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