I'm in Kampala, my life is not in danger, please disregard all rumours about my arrest - Bosmic Otim

Posted on May 02, 2024
By LTAuthor


Musician turned politician Bosmic Otim who has been on the run and living in fear over his life since 2022 after receiving information that security wanted him arrested for making threatening statements while posing with different guns is finally back into the country.

The outspoken musician and voice of the voiceless has disclosed that he is back in his motherland and his life is not in danger as rumors are spreading.

He has asked his family, fans and friends to disregard all rumors circulating on social media platforms that his life is in danger and he has been arrested.

He lamented that Hon Odonga Otto who is spreading false information about his arrest and life being in danger doesn't know his whereabouts at the moment.

He explained that he is the one who called the office of president so that they don't arrest or block him while on his way returning back home in order to meet the president of Uganda H.E. Yoweri Museveni. 

According to Bosmic, his meeting with the president is yet to happen as he awaits his corona virus test of which he was requested to test with a group of people who are yet to meet the head of the state together with him.

He says in the video; "The meeting has not yet happened and I'm still in Kampala. If there is going to be something wrong to me that means it is yet to happen or maybe they are still planning for it to be bad but there's nothing which is going to happen bad to me and I'm still in Kampala alive and healthy. Whatever things you are talking about are false lies and don't ever try it. I'm the one who called the state office and the reason why I did so, I will tell you later who it took me to this extent of picking my phone to call the office of the president. I called and told them to give a strong order to every border that the person whom we ordered for his arrest is coming and if you see him coming, just escort until he reaches us because he is the president's visitor."  

We'll keep you posted.


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