Jenneth Prischa ousts another mega hit 'Acoli Odonyo Ibar'

Posted on Apr 25, 2024
By LTAuthor


She has raised the bar for traditional Acholi music. Jenneth Prischa has taken a toll to keep the vibe of Luo music alive with her strong lyrical prowess, thus creating a masterpiece that goes well with a number of fans and generations.

From the love escapades, she has penned a number of love songs. Hovering beyond educating the population but taking time to put sense into relationships and families’ affairs into some of her prospective songs.

For the heartbroken, it has been a journey of recovery and mending hearts.

In the tough moments of soul searching, she offered wise counsel to her fans with the gesture that there was hope.

Just before, we can rest our ears on the nobs of her lyric. The queen of culture, as we know her again, made a mega return with a new hit song dubbed 'Acoli Odonyo Ibar'.

Literally translated to mean "Acoli in the Field'' is a well blended song with clear, cutting visuals for the eyes. A song that exemplifies culture and the people in their traditional settings.

Through her music, Jenneth Prischa has received numerous recognitions for promoting her culture in and across the world.

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