GMS De Younger Management Signs Tek Kwo Wilfred As His New Manager

Posted on May 09, 2023
By LTAuthor


Renowned radio personality, Tek Kwo Wilfred is currently deepening his feet deep in the music industry following a deal he signed with African Youth Music Empire management.

Tek Kwo who is known as a radio presenter, news anchor and host attached to 102 Mega Fm was on Friday named the general manager to commited, and young talented singer GMS De Younger.

GMS De Younger management is confident that Tek Kwo has the capacity of making his music dreams come to reality. Tek Kwo is well connected to many musicians and has worked with very many stakeholders.

He signed a two year renewable contract on Friday 5th May April from Lexus Vintage, Gulu where he was so delighted for the contract and promised to make GMS be known to an international level musically. He will also be handling all his business and work-related deals.

"With the kind of the work I'm doing, I'm capable of lifting him to international level and get him big connections and also callaborations top musicians". Tek Kwo stated during the press.

"Now in this new system of management which am entering, what I see is that the music style of GMS should be lifted high in way that he does not only sing for us in Acholi land, but abroad as well. He will feature one of the biggest musicians from Kampala in a song, but before that, he will first feature the top home artiste". He concluded.

He further urged stakeholders to join hands with him and support the young boy in order to have him pushed to another level.

Tek Kwo becomes GMS De Younger's fourth manager who are currently promoting him under African Youth Music Empire.


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