Lamson Ug and Kidega Frank Of Pol Fm Kitgum Escapes Death After Reportedly Poison Attack By A Stranger

Posted on Mar 25, 2020
By LTAuthor


Two Pol Fm Kitgum presenters Lamson Ug and Kidega Frank who work at the radio station were last Friday poisoned by an unknown stranger who met at Little Palace hotel in Kitgum town and wanted them dead.

The two presenters who were poisoned said that they to Little Palace to work on a Luo Document, a project that was given to them by a donor in the United States.

Speaking to LuoTunes.Com, Lamson Ug told LuoTunes that they went to Little Palace three of them minus Frank to work on a project that was given to them by a donor in the U.S. and the dateline for the project was already done and they were supposed to submit it so they decided to go to Little Palace at 9 a.m. because power wasn't in the whole Kitgum District and Little Palace has a generator with wireless internet which was the only place they can work upon the project so his workmate Frank came and joined them later with a bottle of wine which a friend of his brought for him after he was sent back home from school over coronavirus outbreaks and Frank reaching them, he told them that he is still going to check on his workers who are painting his shop and he needs to pay them their money then he come back and join them after paying his workers, and while he was leaving, he left his friends still working on the project so he went and met his workers and returned at 6 p.m. in the evening, so on his return, he found a lady sited in a different table with some guy because for them were at a different corner, him, Trizer, Veno, so when he reached, he asked his colleagues whether they were done with the project work then they told him they are finalizing the work and everything is done just he cross checking and when his workmates came to him, he crossed check and told them that everything is done so let's meet tomorrow's morning again and see away forward of sending the project, so when they were leaving, Trizer had already left then Raino was also leaving then he called Frank to first help him with some cash for transport and Frank told him that he has only hard cash on him so they went outside to a nearby shop and got change then they gave him the transport money for a Boda and went back to Little Palace where they were the whole day.

According to Lamson Ug, on their return to the hotel, this lady moved from her table to some old man table who was also spending his day there to help her set up her phone but the old man told her that he doesn't know how to set the smartphone then went to some guy and that guy also failed to set her phone then she called Frank to help her directed her to him that he is an expert in setting smartphone then the lady also came to him and he decided to help set up her phone very well and started functioning well then the lady asked him how much money should she give him, then he told the lady, he doesn't need any money because tomorrow he might also need help from her next time. And afterword he asked the lady where she comes from, then she told him that she is Bantega Grace working with Save the Children so they are in Kitgum for a workshop but working in Lira and she is from Rwanda because her mum is from Rwanda and her dad is from Tanzania but most of her time she spends in Rwanda.

Lamson added that after him helping the lady, she asked them what are they taking because he has refused to receive her money then he said, he is not taking anything because they have to work the following day but the lady insisted and told them just a bottle of beer then he didn't refuse, he ordered for a bottle of Guinness and Frank ordered for a bottle of the bell and the lady ordered for Guinness as well and while they drinking and having conversations, this lady drew her chair next to him with a plan of poisoning him while telling him that teach me how to use other apps in this phone but she was already pouring a substance into his glass of Guinness and after she asked Frank that why are you taking bell, bell are for ladies, first, taste my Guinness then Frank also didn't refuse to take, he took then ordered for a bottle of Guiness and as Frank was ordering for his Guinness, he took a glass of his beer so that he takes, he saw a particle in his glass then he told Frank there is something in my beer let them bring me another bottlee of Guinness and that was the time when he became unconscious and that it was poison was reacting in him.

While speaking to Frank through phone, Frank said he believes there was a connection between the lady who was identified as Bantega Grace and the hotel management because every customer that goes to the hotel, packed their cars inside the hotel but the lady's car was packed behind the hotel.

Frank, however, added on '' this lady had a lot of conversations with the waitress who was serving us and the lady was over moving up and down in the hotel and that really brings a lot specious that the hotel management knew what was taking place.

But Frank said when the lady was driving them back home in her car, he was still knowing himself a little bit but Lamson was already unconscious and just after a minute, he also went unconscious and he never knew how they both reached home but waking up in the morning, they found themselves in their own room when they were both helpless with no energy and Lamson went to him and found him lying in bed and they rushed to the hospital and both of them were admitted. And samples of their blood were taken by the doctors and the results came back after test indicating they were both poisoned in Alcohol. Lamson and Frank are now somehow doing better and responding to treatments. We wish quick recovery.

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