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Alexander Okidi Mocks Rapper Toobi Smolz, Gets Enough Backfire From Pine Avenue 5

Posted on Mar 06, 2020
By LTAuthor


Radio Rupiny 97.5 presenter and sports analyzes Alexander Okidi faces it roughly after mocking Pine Avenue 5 rapper king Tobias Otim alias Toobi Smolz over his recent awarded MTNUg Hip Hop accolade. On Saturday Toobi Smolz won the best Northern Rapper of the year 2020 award which pissed off Alexander Okidi.

Alexander Okidi who seems not be happy with the outcome results of the MTNUg Hip Hop awards organizers for awarding Toobi Smolz, took to his Facebook "if Toobi Smolz is the best rapper in Northern Uganda, then Mc Wang Jok and Judas Rapknowledge are from another region'' and this didn't go well with Pine Avenue 5 team, that had to blast Alexander Okidi over post.

Alexander Okidi in his post, he wanted either Judas Rapknowledge or Mc Wang Jok to be the best Northern rapper of the year but not Toobi Smolz.

According to Toobi Smolz who reacted first on seeing Alexander's post on his timeline, he question 'Who is Alexander Okidi? Is he that bullock who slapped a fellow female workmate? Is he that dipstick who was defeated from Gulu University Guild race? Is he that philistine who was banished from his village and now in as an asylum seeker''

Beepee also fired up Alexander Okidi by saying ''he has never seen a grown ass man with such a childish heart.

Finally, the chapter was closed by Pine Avenue 5 manager Ab Steve ''Good morning fam, I am to ask who is Alexander Okidi is it the guy who analyzes sports and he thinks he can analyze music Okidi you are a grown up fool who knows nothing about music/hip hop stick to sport this is 2020 Gwok cuk try us''

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