Manager Klein Dopekid Replaces Nimo With Mixola

Posted on May 10, 2022
By LTAuthor


After singer Nimo falls apart with his manager Klein Dopekid, we have learnt that he has u signs fast rising singer Mixola.

Manager Klein Dopekid seems to be left with no option but to move on without the singer and he has already recruited Mixola under his Way Big Entertainment.

Mixola, also known as Olara Samuel is one of the Uganda’s finest, talented singer famously known for his collaboration with Uganda's finest Maro on the song called Wezinire that went Viral Across Africa and Beyond. 

Mixola is a young talented singer, songwriter and performer whose revelation has been geared the most last year after the government easing lockdown.

The Karacel singer is said to have been signed to his new management though it wasn't publicly unveiled.

Despite remaining tight-lipped about the confirmation that he officially sacked Nimo, Klein is already working with Mixola as his newly signed artist.


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