I Love You Haters So Much - Pato Loverboy Speaks Out

Posted on May 04, 2022
By LTAuthor

Northern Uganda affiliated dancehall artist, Pato Loverboy who likes his privacy has opened up to fans on social media on how he loves his enemies.

In a Facebook video post, Pato Loverboy revealed that he loves his haters because their negativity makes him strong and work hard.

"I love haters so much because you are the people who make us to work very hard so that we don't give up so easily because when we give up they will laugh at us so I pray for more blessing upon you and I salute you all." - he stated in the video going viral on his Facebook account.

He made the statement when calling on any Northern musician who is ready to go on hit battle with him, which he tagged ''Battle Of The Champion.''

He further stated that he is also ready to pay that artist who will apply for the hit battle in front of their fans.


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