Singer Elton Tom Anointed Changes Stage Name After Realizing He Copied The Name From An Artist Who's A Gay

Posted on Apr 26, 2022
By LTAuthor


The talented Lango's gospel artist has officially switched his stage from Elton Tom Anointed to Tommie D'Anointed after realizing that the name he was using belongs to one of the famous international secular artists who is a gay (Elton John).

Real name Ogwal Tommie popularly known as Elton Tom Anointed but now changed to Tommie D'Anointed.

According to Tommie D'Anointed, he copied the name way back in his early childhood but initially his spirit has been feeling strange and guilty mentioning the name on stage.

"I copied the name from an international secular artist Elton John that I didn't know he was a gay. I copied the name way back in my early childhood, but initially my spirit has been feeling strange & guilty mentioning the name and I had to abandoned the name as my name on stage when in actual sense its not my name." - he stated.

He said, he finally resorted to his home name Tommie and polished with D°Anointed. i.e ( Tommie D°Anointed).

According to him, the name was not a collusion but a feeling of choice, which means his spirit was attached.

He added that he would no longer be known as Elton Tom Anointed on his next songs, but simply as Tommie D'Anointed.

He has recorded a couple of songs like Niye Wa Ft Profesa Maros, Teko Na, Amut Aber, Only You God among others.


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