Thieves Break Into Bwoy King's House And Steal Everything, They Left Him Crying

Posted on Apr 11, 2022
By LTAuthor


Popular Northern Uganda's singer Bwoy King HD was over the weekend robbed by thieves who swept up everything leaving his house empty with no even single broom.

These thieves broke into his home and walked away with his flat screen tv, chair, bed, clothes cash money worth Ugx 310,000 and several other stuff as he reveals.

Bwoy King HD who has a new song called Tam however said his colleague CJ was at home by the time thugs broke into the house and he was badly beaten though he  managed escape from their hands wounded otherwise he would be dead by now.

According to the singer, those people came with even an intention of taking away his life/killing him.

The whole incident happened on Saturday night when he left his house for night club.

Bwoy King HD told us that he went out to promote his latest music video (Tam) in various clubs in Gulu City when the incident happened.

In that same night, celebrated musician Eezzy was also beaten up by thugs in Muyenga, Kampala after his performance while driving back home.


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