Perisha Aisha Collapses As Producer Ricko Gets Introduced By New Girlfriend To Her Parents

Posted on Mar 17, 2022
By LTAuthor


Having learnt about how her ex-boyfriend producer Ricko was secretly introduced by his new girlfriend to her parents at a traditional marriage over the weekend, Aisha reportedly fainted.

Towards the middle of 2021, Producer Ricko and Aisha dominated the headlines for a greater part as they showered each other with their newfound love.

It is said Aisha upon learning that her ex-boyfriend was introduced by another woman, she collapsed and was rushed to a nearby health center for medication and she was admitted for hours and later discharged.

It should be remembered that singer Avie Ug and Aisha who have been pulling strings over Ricko's excavator, told Aisha after spending and showering the producer with cash and love that she is just wasting her time and in deed today it has turned into tears.

To our surprise, producer Ricko who parted ways with Aisha shortly after their engagement, the producer still sneaks and excavate Aisha's well slashed sumbie.

To make matter worst, rumors has it that Ricko went and spent nights at Aisha's home the day before going for the introduction with his new girlfriend whose names were not disclosed to us.


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